Peachy Keen


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released December 18, 2016

Recorded/mixed/produced by Bryan Little
Mastered by Jesse Cannon



all rights reserved


GIN WAR New Jersey

'Piece of Moon' out now

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Track Name: Silent Movie
silent movie on both our screens
fast forward all the awkward scenes
silent movie on both our screens
spoiled rotten the ending
you better be goddamn happy

i know you notice me walking around this house
at the end of days, searching for anything to talk about with
you know i never doubted you
i cannot complain, failure is everything

silent movie blowing smoke on both our screens
so stubbornly stuck in a silent movie
don't you think you'd rather be a sunset nobody can see?

all day long, i waited for you to call
after all, just a call is enough

i know you notice me, at the end of days
Track Name: Hell Alright
wondering if i made it to hell alright
but you forgot to fly the kite with the key
i tore my pockets apart
tried to leave a little something
so at least you'd have a hot meal to eat
fire on my back and dirt in my eye
thinking something like -

all the money we made throwing cards
could never be enough
not even half to make it through the year
picking up a penny here, a penny there
i'll catch you on the other side
hope it feels alright

tossing all your empties through the whole in wall
sitting pretty with the snow up to your knees
slurring pros you know damn well you don't know the words to
but you bet you're gonna sing em anyway
peeling off the tape to let the wind whistle inside
spinning some gold around your finger
"i never thought id really pay the price"

all the money we made flipping cars
could never be enough
not even half to make it through the year
picking up a dollar here, a dollar there
ill catch you on the other side
i hope it feels alright
Track Name: Trip
in the morning light
im settled by your sleight of hand
and you're so much sweeter
when you don't understand

so i lean on the wall
that you're leaning on too
hope i don't trip

in between quotations
wrapped around your rolling eye
and you're so much sweeter
when you're taken by surprise

so i lean on the wall
that you're leaning on too
so i lean on the thought
that you're terrified too
hope i don't trip

your pain demands to be felt
so you'll be needing my help
don't you think its time we headed out to amsterdam?
Track Name: Honest
lets be honest
how honest were those
hours you spent slipping away sober
your head lowers into the sink

let me hold your hair back

lets pretend we can
still see straight and
your room isn't spinning faster than my head
lets just sit and listen to the rain and i will

hold your hand

lets sit down and tell me where we stand
i won't hold you back
i'll let it go
Track Name: Think So
never had enough room to breathe
for a heartbeat
cut your nails on the kitchen floor
this aint about the money
but if i say what I'm thinking
how can heaven help me
if she ask me if I'm having fun

i don't think so

plow your hand through your thin hair
elbow on the table
smell another because you're worried about tomorrow
but you aint done nothing wrong yet
but if she thinks she sees it coming
how can heaven save my stomach
if she starts to the think she's done enough?

picking apples off the tree of opportunity
but whats that mean to me? for me?
when they come knocking tell them i aint with you anymore
i'm out the game, i lost
Track Name: Wink
warm beer and ivory
waiting on you
in fear and out of luck
under the moon
hey, havanna
waiting on you

i saw you underground
but i don't mind you around
its poison if you say so, taking over control

cold where you used to lay
on afternoons
hoped that the smoke would stay
under our roof

i won't sleep a wink
until you're in my lungs
and on my breath
i won't feel alive
until you're in my life
ill be dying
Track Name: Back So Soon
i can hear what you don't say
long as you get home safe
laugh alone a lot in june
tracing out an old bruise
ringing blood out of your sleeve
am i fool, were you a dream?
left your nose against the screen -
some medicated misery

my heart don't beat it shakes
when you are not around
my love it drips in waves
when you are gone

lost your feet in some cement
a little sweet, a little red
i'll love you until the sun explodes -
the sun's your screen and I'm your nose

the sun don't light the same
when you are not around
split the last match in the book
should've made it count

you're back so soon

your voice has changed
laughs the same
am i to blame either way?