Half of a Good Plan


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Rachel Howard
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Rachel Howard Solid EP made by some solid dudes. worth a listen Favorite track: Wink.
Lee Gorman
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Lee Gorman Deliciously debauched indie rock, angular and melodic in equal measure. Or should that be double measures? Fans of Lemuria should down this in one. Favorite track: Honest.
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released April 28, 2014

kyle carrier - guitar
brandon rosenberg - vocals, guitar
mike planko - bass, vocals
craig chammings - drums

recorded and mixed by bryan little
mastered by bill henderson at azimuth
additional guitar by joey dicamillo
artwork by mike lamezec



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GIN WAR New Jersey

'Piece of Moon' out now

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Track Name: In a Box
kyle carrier & brandon rosenberg -

a pull another turn
across the floor
to the crooked portrait
and missing door
a quiet collapse
from a leaky ceiling
what are we dealing with
you're talkin bout, talkin to yourself
run into the wall
and take me off the shelf

so line your kitchen
bottles and catch me
stow me away
i'll get better with age you'll see
baby we were born to watch each other die

a leap another fall
into your bed
catch a splinter from the post
but laugh instead
a suede and satin situation to ask
what're we feeling for
talkin bout, talkin to yourself
running through the walls
to keep me to yourself

in a box
how many times
do you peak in at night?
i'd like to know

with a bottle
how many times
how many more
will you peak in at night
i'd like to know
Track Name: Honest
kyle carrier & james mckenna -

let's be honest
how honest are those
hours your spend slipping
away sober
your head lowers
into the sink
let me

hold your hair back
hold your hair back
let me hold your hair back

let's pretend we can
still see straight and
your room isn't spinning
faster than my head
let's just sit and listen
to the rain and i'll

hold your hand i'll
hold your hand i'll
hold your hand i'll hang on

let's be honest how
honest were those
hours you spent slipping
away sober
let's sit down and tell me
where we stand i won't

hold you back i won't
hold you back i won't
hold you back i'll let it go
Track Name: Wink
kyle carrier -

warm beer and ivory
waiting on you
in fear and out of luck
under the moon
hey havana
waiting on you

saw you underground
but i don't mind
you around
it's poison if you say so
taking over control

cold where you used to lay
on afternoons
hoped that the smoke would stay
under our roof
hey havana
waiting on you

and i won't sleep a wink
till you're in my lungs
and on my breath
i won't feel alive
till you're in my life
i'll be dying
Track Name: Disconnected
kyle carrier -

take a drive
with me i will
make it right

take your time
take it slowly
we've got time

far away
here to stay
you'll be crawling after
it all
fades away
into day
like a dead end lover

take a breath
i'll be your lungs
hold it in

till i burst
till i cave in
till i hurt

you accept
the way it makes you feel
far away from all those lonely nights