Take Me With You


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recorded, mixed, produced by gin war in a cabin in the woods.


released July 30, 2019

gin war is:
kyle carrier - guitar, vocals
mike planko - bass, vocals
bryan little - guitar, percussion

all songs written by kyle carrier

rob bulman - drums
chelsey dokus - cello
victoria june - violin
angela d’alotto - viola
danny zawacki - keys
evan renart - piano

album art by maxwell "munk" carrier
recorded & mixed by bryan little
mastered by will beasley


all rights reserved



GIN WAR New Jersey

indie rock from asbury park // atlantic city

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Track Name: Fingernails
kiss the back of my hand
cause my fingernails are dirty
i've been working so hard
just to prove that i'm worthy of your love

it was a bright idea
when i said that i loved you
and the light ain't dim
it's still hanging above you like the sun

but i keep ruining our time
keeping those flowers in a line
and i don't think that i'll be sad
to see you cry

watch yourself in the mirror
while i'm out in the car
you're always keeping me waiting
cause baby you're the star of the show
and everybody knows

ain't it funny how
nobody's ever laughing
better take a bow
before they start asking who i am
don't tell them i'm your man

don't it always end the same
you take and then replay
Track Name: Dandelion
caught you wishing on a dandelion
think i made you run i made you hide
oh baby, don't make me love you
more than i already do

have you seen my girl she like's to be
invisible every time we meet
oh baby, don't take me with you
i've got some shit i gotta do

like you never left
you're in the kitchen at 3 a.m.
just try to get some rest

so who the fuck you gonna make your king
tryna see what tidings i can bring
to your table
only set for two

like you never left
you're in the garden at 8 a.m.
just digging up the dead

you know i notice every day
you're always in your head
you're never upset
but i can't pretend
i'm never upset
you know i'm every bit insane

like you never left
you're in the kitchen at 3 a.m.
like you never left
you're in the garden at 8 a.m.
like you never left
hop in the shower with me again
like you never left
Track Name: Early
'til i die guessing
in the dark
wound soaking up the moonlight
i learned my lesson
played the part
still you're never in the spotlight

it's a shame i had to meet your soft side
what a burden to always leave early
leave this world early

but you're wearing your mom's clothes
and you've got your dad's hair
well baby i ain't going nowhere
'til it's time to say goodnight
Track Name: Maryanne
caught you staring
out the window
out into nothing

don't be embarrassed
i know you miss him
cause i do too

but you say sundays are
the worst days to be alone
and tuesday is the first day
that i'll be home

so maryanne
why're you staring
out the window
it does you no good

and maryanne
my body's failing
and i'm not one to
oh i shouldn't talk

but you say sundays are
the worst days to be alone
and tuesday is the first day
that i'll be home
just keep one day free for me
there's a movie that i wanna see
and i don't wanna be alone
and you don't wanna be alone
Track Name: To Make You Feel at Ease
don't be sad you know i would
do everything i could
to make you feel at ease

what a drag when something good
don't work the way it should
to make you feel at ease

now you're saying you know why
there's such a thing as suicide
so i spend my days
tryna keep that fever away
Track Name: Solid Gold
i tend to argue
when i don't have to
it's always the same
smoking cigarettes just to get
you away from me

but you never argue
cause you never have to
you never complain
and you can bet when you get
home tonight you'll see

i'm stealing drugs from the one i love
oh i'm so glad you're thinking of me
and regret's something i don't mind

where're you staying tonight
solid gold
is slipping through your fingers
silver princess in your mind
you'll never know
the price i paid for waiting on you
when all you've got is time

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